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2020年度 第1回 関東地区例会

2020年度 第1回関東地区例会を下記の通り行います。



日程:2020年2月11日(祝日) 14:30-17:30



1.個人発表 14:30-15:20


“Preliminary & Future Research Goals, Hopes, and Difficulties in Ethnographic Research Regarding Punk in Japan“


Robert M. Dahlberg-Sears (PhD Student, School of Music, The Ohio State University)



For over 40 years, punk rock has been active throughout the world in public imaginings as an uninhibited force of rock and roll noise, a defiant shout spanning across generations. However, it is also a critical link in understanding present-day popular music trends. Punk’s single most salient feature is likely its place as a style, “multifarious in meaning and malleable, contradictory and elusive,” as Tom Astley (2017) notes. It is precisely this indefiniteness which will provide an important focus for this discussion, as the variegated meanings of punk at global/local levels necessarily leads to differences in interpreting precisely what punk is and what might punk has the power to become. In particular, I am curious regarding the construction/transmission of punk identity, as the multifarious ways in which punk is expressed (music, textiles, politics, Do-It-Yourself mentality) do not seem to cross in the same manner in any one given place. During my preliminary dissertation research, difficulties small and large have developed in performing ethnography of punk music, spaces, places, and people in Tokyo, and it is my hope that by presenting some of these difficulties my future work will be better situated to understand and contend with these issues. In addition to ethnographic issues, I will further consider how best to contextualize such an ethnography within academic literature and how to make it accessible for other publics.




2.書評会 15:30-17:30












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