The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music

How to Join JASPM

Welcome to our home page in English.

Thank you very much for your interest in JASPM.

Here are some explanation for how to join JASPM. We are waiting for your


How to join JASPM : Request an application form for membership to JASPM registrar office (address etc. shown at the bottom of this page), stating your postal (i.e. ‘snail’) mail address. When you receive the form, fill it out and send it back to the registrar. Wait a while.

While you are waiting as an ‘applying member’, you will receive our newsletters and other notifications as often as an ordinary member, and you will be welcomed to join any of our academic meetings, too.

Your application will be submitted to, and usually approved by, the executive committee. Executive committee is held once in every 3-4 months.


When you are officially approved as a member, you will be informed and be requested to pay annual membership fee. Present annual membership fee for ordinary member is 6000yen, and undergraduate student member who submit a copy of student identification in effect for the year may be charged a discounted rate, 4000yen.

All inquiry upon JASPM will be welcomed at the address given at the end of this message. Additionally, an introduction of JASPM (in Japanese) is available on the web at:


Takako Inoue, Office

Daito Bunka University

355-8501 JAPAN

Telephone : +81-493-34-3113 [ Ext.6559 ]

E-mail :